A Nursery Update

Well, I got more than I could bargain for on Valentine’s Day.  Baby Boy number two made his debut at 12:29 am.  He almost skipped the Hallmark holiday, but I just couldn’t push showtime fast enough.  The delivery went smoothly, and P is darling.


He weighed in at 6 lbs. 14 oz. and has already gained almost twice as much as expected.  This means I can feed him on demand now (rather than waking every two-three hours), and for those fellow BF moms, you know how relieving that is!

His big brother lets me know every time he is crying, and insists that he is hungry for milk.  It’s cute, and I can’t believe I get to be both of these boys’ mom.  Shucks.

Anyway, since the baby is now here, I thought I’d go ahead and show you some pictures of our Nursery, updated for Baby P.


The bones are the same, but I rearranged the furniture a bit, and added some art for the walls, and purchased new linens, an ottoman, and a new rug by DwellStudio, found here.


The owl lamp and shade are both from Target, and the ottoman is from IKEA.  The horse is from Pottery Barn Kids, and is great to entertain L. while I’m tending to the baby.


I put two IKEA sconces (that I previously had in our bedroom) over the new-to-us credenza, which houses all of the baby clothes and diaper stuff much more efficiently.  Clicking one of them on during middle of the night feedings offers just the right low-light setting.


I have added a little sage green with one of DwellStudio’s crib sheets, found here.  The crib skirt is also DwellStudio, found here.


The furniture rearrangement was a huge improvement to the room.  Previously, we had the smaller white changing table/old dresser right beside the crib, and I never felt like it was balanced.  Now that we have a much bigger credenza across from the crib, the room feels so much better.  Plus, incorporating darker brown tones in the rug and furniture makes the crib look so much more crisp.  I still need to re-do the mobile.

I’m a lot happier with the room now, and it just goes to show how the spaces we live in grow with us over time.

Also, scroll down to the bottom to see even more updated pics!

Here are the old pics from the first generation in the space, if you’re curious.  We really had a long way to go!

The wallpaper is Daydream by Hygge & West

The glider is the Bayside Swivel from Crate and Barrel

The crib is from Giggle.

Happy Tuesday folks.  You may or may not hear from me soon- things are going to be equally sporadic around here for a while.



UPDATE:  I rearranged some things, and finally got that mobile reassembled.  Here are some new pictures of the changes:

I nixed the leather straps, and went with clear line instead.  The woodland animals are hand embroidered by my mom.



I added a big P to the wall of art.  It’s from Pottery Barn Kids.  Found here.



I finally gave up on the grand idea of finding “something perfect” for these frames, and instead opted to use some free downloads that I got printed up at Costco.  I’m actually really happy with the solution, as much as I want to search the depths of Etsy into the wee hours of the morning, it’s just not going to happen right now, so this works for the interim.




The Alphabet piece on the left is by Mr. Printables, found here, and the “P” piece on the right is from ontobaby.com, found here.




9 thoughts on “A Nursery Update

  1. Congrats and holy hell that nursery is amazing. I LOOOVE the wallpaper ceiling. I actually just discovered your blog when I googled “colorful bentwood chairs” and it took me to your old post with your $40 score from last year. I can’t wait to look back through all your older posts. I’m happy to be a new reader and new subscriber.

    • Why thank you so!! So happy to have you browse through this little blog of mine! That ceiling paper was a super splurge when we were getting the room ready for our first kiddo. I have to say, it was totally worth it, and still makes me so very happy!

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  3. Gorgeous nursery. I’m going to use the same wallpaper on one wall of our new powder room but I’m having trouble finding a good paint color to use on the walls. What color did you use?

    • Hi, thanks! We used Benjamin Moore Antique White for a warm white/yellow tone. It works nicely. The wall with the trees is Benjamin Moore’s Glass Slipper, and it compliments the yellow nicely, without trying to be too matchy. Good luck!

  4. Kate – I just discovered your blog because I am trying to find a glider for my soon to be born baby’s nursery and am thinking about the Bayside Swivel Glider. I would love to know how you find it in terms of comfort. We can’t sit in one in the store so don’t know anything about comfort. Is it comfortable for nursing? Is the back high enough to support your head if you lean back? I would love your opionion on comfort. Your nursery is beautiful and an inspiration!

    • Thanks, Irene! Sorry for the delay— I didn’t see this notification! The Bayside Swivel is fabulous! I’ve had no regrets with purchasing it at all! It’s easy to clean but the material is so great– that it hasn’t been something we have had to do that often. Now, I’m very comfortable nursing in it, but I’m five foot even. My husband is 6’2 and has no complaints, but I’ll throw out there that he sits in it a LOT less…. The thing you may be concerned with is the issue of head rest you mentioned— I definitely have to use a little decorative pillow behind my head (sitting on top of the back cushion) when I want to rest my head. But this was a choice I made because I preferred the look of the more short/square cushion. It’s never once been a complaint, but maybe try out one that does have that taller rounder cushion, and see if it’s something you can’t live without! I personally don’t lay my head back too often because I’d start dosing off when nursing. Good luck!!!

  5. Kate! I’m so in love with this nursery! I may have just developed an instantaneous girl crush on your work, from one designer to another. I found your blog when searching for images of this Hygge & West wallpaper, which I intend to use in my daughter’s room (in the blush colorway). I ADORE the idea of putting it on the ceiling! May I ask: How did you orient the wallpaper? It has a “right side up”, so I’m curious whether you placed the “bottom” at the wall with the entry door, or somewhere else. I can’t decide whose perspective to use…(should it be “right side up” per the occupant of the crib/bed?).

    • Hi hi! Thank you do much for the kind comment!!! The blush colorway is adorable— when I did this nursery 6 years ago now– there were only one or two colorways available– and I’m already certain I’ll find a way to use it again in our next home! Hehe. As for orientation, I made it orient as viewable correctly as you enter the space. The reason I did this was because once I was in the space, seated in the chair, it still reads very lovely- not necessarily upside down, yet when you’re standing upon entry, seeing the whole space in its entirety, it would have felt more noticeably off. When doing the space plan for the crib, it’s on a side wall, so if I had the crib on a wall that related to the top or bottom of the wallpaper motif- I would have maybe reconsidered, but I doubt it 👍🏻. I would love to see your space when you finish!!!?

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